Ecstatic Truth: The Age of the Absurd (Online Webinars)

Copyright: Holger Lang

The 2020 online version of the annual symposium is organized in the format of webinars in cooperation between Under_the_Radar (Holger Lang), the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Gabriele Jutz) and the team of Ecstatic Truth V: Birgitta Hosea, Animation Research Centre, UCA Farnham, UK; Pedro Serrazina, Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon, Portugal; and Tereza Stehlikova, CREAM, University of Westminster, UK.

Links to the Online-Meetings will be available in time.

DAY 1 Tues 15th December

 Webinar 1: The Many Forms of Censorship

19.00 – 20.30

  • Andrijana Ruzic: Recurring Elements of Absurd in Several Films of Zagreb School of

Animation (1958-1969)

  • Gabriele Jutz: Animating Truth(s): Surveillance, Censorship and Journalistic Ethics
  • Susan Young: Who is, or Was, Ms A

Presentations followed by discussion and Q&A hosted by Birgitta Hosea

DAY2 Weds 16th December

 Webinar 2: Subversion and Resistance: Defying Oppressive Structures

10.30 – 12.00

  • Chunning Guo: Rethinking Injustice in the Age of Absurd: Re-Constructing Prisons as Narrative Spaces through Animated Memories
  • Max Hattler: Abstract Animated Documentary? Moving-Image Abstraction and Meaning-Making in Hong Kong’s Age of the Absurd.
  • Zeynep Akcay: Dance, drawing and repetition: an absurd manifesto about female body

Presentations followed by discussion and Q&A hosted by Birgitta Hosea

Webinar 3: Hidden Force: Celebrating the Invisible Labours

19.00 – 20.30

  • Orla McHardy: x‘C: Maintenance Animation is a drag: it takes all the fucking time’
  • Sally Pearce: Shades of Invisibility. A case study in animation activism.
  • Oliver Gingrich / Sara Choudhrey: AYAH – Sign: Collaborative Digital Art with the Grenfell Communities

Presentations followed by discussion and Q&A hosted by Tereza Stehlikova.