Günter Seyfried invited to the Global Community Bio Summit at MIT Media Lab

Like in 2017 and 2018, Günter Seyfried is also in 2019 invited to join the Community Biotechnology Initiative at MIT Media Lab in Boston, USA. The third annual Global Summit on Community Biotechnology is running from October 9 till October 13, and providing a vital space for the global community of DIY biologists, community biologists, biohackers, biomakers and members of independent and community laboratories. The programme is including topics like diversity and inclusion, sharing and learning, bio security, enabling technologies, bio art and design, education & learning and a number of other pressing topics. The event will be hosting a global network of innovators and also a number of outstanding scientists in the field, including George Church a founder of the field of synthetic biology and a pioneer in biotech and many other people from the biotech world.