Ingeborg Reichle talks at the RELOGIA – Art-Science-Technology Conference in Sofia

On November 22, Ingeborg Reichle will talk about the future of integrated education on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria, the National Academy of Art in Sofia and the Art & Science Research Foundation Re: Last summer Ingeborg Reichle was invited to serve as member of the Advisory Board for the upcoming conference in Sofia. The two-day event will also feature an exhibition, workshops and a number of sci-art events and will be held from November 19-24, 2019 at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia.

The interdisciplinary and exponentially dynamic nature of this Age of Discoveries transforms perceptions as they existed before. The themes and topics of the conference are dictated by the current highly dynamic development of disciplines developing and enriching the paradigms of human knowledge, communication and aesthetic experience.

This prompts for the adoption of a consolidated approach to the development of education and science in the EU and in Bulgaria – an approach of uniting science, education, social engagement, technology and art. Such a consolidated approach is features in the STEM and STEAM models – training by uniting the methods of science, technology, engineering art and mathematics, thus enabling learning by experiencing and improving the skills to work with concepts, abstractions and symbols.


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