Ingeborg Reichle was vistiting the David Bermant Foundation (kinetic art) in Santa Barbara, California

On April 8, 2019 Ingeborg Reichle was invited to visit the David Bermant Foundation in the hills of Santa Barbara, California: Founded by David W. Bermant, who began to build in 1965 a collection of kinetic art that has become the pre-eminent private assemblage of work from this genre, the Foundation is devoted to fostering the efforts of artists working with non- traditional materials. These materials include physical sources of energy, light and sound, which are used in works that question and extend the boundaries of the visual arts. The David Bermant Foundation Color, Light, Motion was established in 1986 to encourage and advocate experimental visual art which draws its form, content and working materials from late twentieth-century technology. The collection is including art works by Nam Jun Paik, Getulio Alviani, the Baschet Brothers, John de Andrea, Alejandro & Miora Sina, Clyde Lydes, James Ossi, Marcel Duchamp, Jenny Holzer, Jeames Seawright, Milton Komisar, Stephen Gerberich, Gunter Weseler, Sally Weber, Otto Pine, Mattie Berhang, Harry Bertoia, Dustin Shuler, Jean Tinguely, Ted Victoria, Eric Orr, Thomas Wilfred, Earl Reiback, Victoria Vesna, Yoshi Wado and others.