Programme of 4th international conference Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence in Art & Science is online and open for registration

In 2020 the 4th international conference Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence in Art and Science will take place online from November 26-28, hosted by the University of Applied Arts Vienna, supported by Ionian University, InArts Lab, Intellect Books, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Arte+Ciencia. TTT2020 is including theoretical and art practice presentations and continues to focus: (a) on questions about the nature of the forbidden and aesthetics of liminality as expressed in art that uses or is inspired by technology and science;

(b) on the opening of spaces for creative transformation in the merging of science and art.

What constitutes the unstable limits of what can be morally and epistemically accepted should be read within the historical horizons of cultures and circumstances. After all, what seems outrageously transgressive at one moment in time and from one perspective may eventually transcend into a commonplace practice. As we experience and even endorse a gradual, but substantial, de-centering away from anthropocentric values and ontologies, potentially critique harbours turmoil. Art practices pose critical questions about our certainties; sciences and humanities constantly test our limits and our ideas of worlds by pushing forward the conditions in which knowledge is produced.

Developments in science and technology, that seem to enhance the borders of our experience of worlds and selves, revealing sometimes the fragility of social values, should be interrogated. Identities, ideologies, multiplicities, worlds, and visions are accepted and rejected, invented and destroyed; what are the forces behind and beyond? We propose critique within a transdiscipline, where science, arts, and humanities meet in a research quest, in an attempt at reframing and reconfiguring what there is.

The up-coming conference will be a meaningful contribution to 21st Century approaches towards art, science and technology. The three day conference Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence in Art and Science will start on November 26, 2020 at 8:30 AM CET with a warm welcome to

TTT2020 Vienna/Online by the organizing committee: Dalila Honorato (Ionian University, Corfu), María Antonia González Valerio (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City), Zahra Mirza (University of Applied Arts Vienna), and Ingeborg Reichle (University of Applied Arts Vienna). The digital venue for TTT2020 Vienna/Online is coordinated by the InArts Lab, directed by Andreas Giannakoulopoulos (Ionian University, Corfu).

The programme of TTT2020 Vienna/Online is now available at:

Registration is free and open until November 22, 2020 at:

TTT2020 Vienna/Online will have one unique streaming channel with a 12 hours program/day followed by a recorded re-stream for audiences in other time zones. This means 24h a day for three days non-stop! The program of TTT2020 is divided in four categories in a total of twenty-threes sessions, six round tables, five ArtBox events and three Open Mic Q&A sessions.

As usual in TTT conferences the titles are important counting with Sessions “NSP13 / Moist”, “NSP2 / Brute”, “ORF8 / Sideways”, “NSP14 / Automaton”, “NSP10 / Phrenic”, “NSP12 / Epic”, “NSP16 / Allure”,

“NSP15 / F-word”, “NSP3 / Mold”, “NSP9 / Channel”, “NSP5 / (W)Hole”,

“NSP1 / Creature”, “NSP7 / Demise”, “ORF1ab / Tonic”, “NSP4 / Stray”,

“ORF6 / Tutelage”, “ORF7b / Index”,  “ORF3a / Medulla”, “ORF7a / Equipoise”, “ORF9b / Auspice”, “NSP6 / Growl”,  “ORF10 / Crack” and

“NSP8 / Sustenance”. At the end of the day there is an Open Mic Q&A session with the possibility of participation of all speakers and registered attendants.

Roundtables are featured as moderated live discussions on ArtSci topics including: “Body Shopping – challenging convention in the donation and use of bodily materials through art practice”, “In a locked and scrambled form: Art-Science scenes, objects and figures in corporeal transgression”, “Fermenting Futures”, “Radical Vulnerabilities”, “All You Have to Lose is Ecstasy: The Intuitive, Occult and Somatic as Methods of Inquiry” and “Staying in touch:

sci-fi experiments for post-coronavirus art curating”.

ArtBox compliments the program with references to art events taking place during the pandemic titled: “Project Lygophilia”, “Bioscientific Imaginaries”, “The Camille Diaries” and “Golem” as well as an invitation to interact in a playful “Mud Workshop”.

Participants in TTT2020 Vienna / Online are: Adam Lovasz – Adam Zaretsky – Adnan Hadzi – Adria Guardiola Rius – Adriana Knouf – Agnieszka Wolodzko – Aikaterini Papakyriakopoulou – Alain Lioret – Alan Tod – Alanna Lynch – Alejandro Chellet – Aleksandar Jevremovic – Aleksandar Vejnovic – Alex May – Alex Young – Amalia Foka – Amy Youngs

– Andrea Gogova – Andreas Giannakoulopoulos – Andrew Carnie – Angel Lartigue – Anna Dumitriu – Anna Kedziora – Anna Walker – Annick Bureaud – Apostolos Loufopoulos – Arantzazu Saratxaga – Arthur Clay – Belen Cerezo – Beverley Hood – Bohdan Shumylovych – Boryana Rossa – Byron Rich – Carina Zabini – Cecilia Vilca – Charilaos Gounaropoulos – Charli Brissey – Charlotte Jarvis – Christian de Lutz – Christl Baur – Claudia Schwarz-Plaschg – Claus Schöning Lam Yong – Clea T. Waite – Dalila Honorato – Daniela Brill – Daniela Koch – Danielle Damico – Dann Disciglio – David Kovarik – David Roden – Dejan Grba – Demian Thirst – Diethard Mattanovich – Dimitrios Traperas – Dolores Steinman

– Dominika Czakon – Eirini Sourgiadaki – Elisabeth von Samsonow – Elizabeth Littlejohn – Elpida Karaba – Emie // Eva-Marie Elg – Erik Vogt – Erik Zepka – Evaguelia Diamantopoulou – Evmorphia Leventi – Felipe Shibuya – Florentina Holzinger – Francesco Kiais – Francois-Joseph Lapointe – Giulia Casalini – Günther Seyfried – Hege Tapio – Heidi Barkun – Ian Haig – Ilke Turkmendag – Iluá Hauck da Silva – Ingeborg Reichle – Ioannis Melanitis – Irini Athanassakis – Isabel Burr Raty – Istem Özen – Jacco Borggreve – Jaden J. A. Hastings

– Jasna Jernejsek – Jatun Risba – Jenifer Wightman – Jennifer Willet – Jennifer Zackin – Jill McDermid-Hokanson – Joe Cantrell – John Bardakos – John Santomieri – Jose Hopkins – Joshua Simon – Julia Jarrett – Julia Sprenger – Julian Stadon – Juppo Yokokawa – Jurij Krpan – Karolina Żyniewicz – Kat Austen – Kathy High – Kazuhiro Jo – Kerstin Borchhardt – Kim Doan Quoc – Kimberly Johnson – Klaus Spiess – Krystian Gradz – Ksenia Yurkova – Kt Zakravsky – Kwan Q Li – Laida Limniati – Laura Irmer – Laura Stoll – Lauren Ruiz – Lauryn Mannigel – Lorena Peña – Louise Mackenzie – Luc Messinezis – Lucie Strecker – Maayan Strauss – Marco Donnarumma – Margherita Pevere – María Antonia González Valerio – Maria Athanasekou – Maria Chalkou – Maria Manuela Lopes – Mariana Ziku – Marius Armonas – Mark Horvath – Marne Lucas – Marta de Menezes – Matej Vakula – Max Maxi – Mayra Rojo – Michael Dudeck – Michael Manfé – Michael Sappol – Michele Daneluzzo – Michelle Lai – Miguel Oliveros Mediavilla – Mihai Băcăran – Miriam Simun – Monica C. Locascio – Natacha Lamounier – Natalia Anna Michna – Nathalie Dubois Calero – Nicole Clouston – Nigel Helyer – Niki Sperou

– Nikolaos Kanellopoulos – Nobuhiro Masuda – Özge Ata – Patricia MacCormack – Paula Burleigh – Paula Flores – Paula Kaori Nishijima – Pêdra Costa – Polona Tratnik – Polyxene Kasda – Regine Rapp – Remina Greenfield – Renee Carmichael – Robert Lisek – Roberta Buiani – Robertina Šebjanič – Roxani Giannou – Roy Tamaki – Rubén Vega Balbás – Rudolf Arnold – Salvador Miranda – Sergio Patricio Valenzuela Valdés – Shuyi Cao – Silvia Casini – Sonja Schachinger – Sophie Publig – Stavros Didakis – Stephanie Rothenberg – Takuya Ishikawa – Talia de Vries – Tarsh Bates – Terry Trickett – Theresa Schubert – Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen – Tomoya Matsuura – Triton Mobley – Ursula Ströbele – Valeria Di Sabato – Vasileios Bouzas – Verónica Mota Galindo – Vladimir Todorovic – WhiteFeather Hunter – Yanai Toister – Yosaku Matsutani – Zahra Mizra – Ziwei Yan – Zosia Hołubowska – Zsofia Jakab.

Support: Ionian University, InArts Lab, Intellect Books, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México,