Cute Accelerationism Lecture-performance & workshop

Thursday May 16th, 17:00-20:00
Flux 2, VZA7, 2nd floor, University of Applied Arts

Why is cuteness so powerful, and what is it doing to us? In this performance-lecture Amy Ireland and Maya B. Kronic will explore the symptomatology, aetiology, epidemiology, history, biology, etymology, topology, and even embryology of Cute, burrowing down into its natural, cultural, sensory, sexual, subjective, erotic, and semiotic dimensions in order to sound out the latent spaces of this Thing that has an irresistible hold on contemporary culture. Their book, Cute Accelerationism, was recently released on Urbanomic and delves further into this exploration.

After the lecture-performance, Ireland & Kronic will lead a workshop asking: How do we define Cute? How many forms can it take and what sensory domains does it belong to? Where does it begin and end? In this workshop we work together to further explore the nature of cuteness.

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